Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How much fun is it to be a child ? You get to be a Cowboy Pirate !!
This is childhood to me ! You get to dress in your PJ's put a belt on to hold your sword and of course finish it with a cowboy hat !
I love seeing what he comes up with somedays. The other night he came out wearing his mickey mouse ears and saying he was a mouse viking !
This is all I hope for for him, that he has this childhood. The one that you remember when you are older, dressing up and doing silly things. I don't remember this part of my life at all. It will help that Josh has a Mom that documents his everyday silliness too! I have a layout of him nekked at about 1 year old with the swifter sweeper across his body just right. I love that layout .
I have another layout of him asleep on the potty , I had left for a second during potty training and come back to find him asleep . He was so tired and I was trying to get him to go potty before bed.
It is great scrapbooking these everyday moments...those things that might escape our memories if we didn't document them. Those trips to the zoo , and the birthday parties are great , but don't remember to scrap those pictures and document those moments that will be the ones that made you smile that one saturday morning and you want them to know about those happy moments too.

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