Friday, March 24, 2006

One , Two , Three ...GO!!!!

Life's everyday moments ! They are truely the best . This is the scene each day that I drop Josh off at school. I don't remember when it started exactly , but I taught him this a while back and he loved it . So everyday he jumps out of the car, looks back and gives me "our sign" just to say " love ya mom" . Damn I LOVE him so much !!!!
On other news , Yep it is 2 am on Friday and I just woke and can't go back to sleep because my brain is on overload. I think I will hit every emotion I can today . First and most important Kate my one and only soul mate is going to have surgery this morning . She has been in alot of pain for about 7 months now and they are finally going to take out her gall bladder , because they can't find anything else that is causing the pain. It is amazing the test she has gone thru in the past year to just determine what it is not! We have gone thru it together as a family and hopefully after tommorrow she will start healing and feeling better, then we can all get back to fun things !
Second....DONNA DOWNEY is going to be here in like 7 hours !!! OMG this is just the biggest thing for memory lane, pa since we opened in August ! Yesterday I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to get done before DD got in town...and we finished the list !! Christina, Joan and Wendy I couldn't have done it without you !!! Thank you all so much for all your hard work . You all did a great job , doing everything I asked of you and more. Joan ROCKS , she has been making mlpa sparkle for the past couple weeks. IT is so nice to have her with us now !!
Third.....My Sis , Denise. She has come up for the weekend to take care of Josh and Kate for me while I am at the store taking care of business . Thank you Sis !! It is so nice knowing I don't have to worry about every little detail at home while trying to make sure everything runs smooth at the store .
Ok I am going to go lay my head back down , as I try and just give it all up to the universe today and know everything will be ok . Life is Good !!

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