Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who's Who!

DONNA DOWNEY is coming to MLPA!!! Can you believe this !!! This little spot on the map ...
Ok so here is the funny part. Had you asked me 3 months ago , who is Donna Downey I would have said not sure who is she ? Or .... I would have asked Sarah ( cause Sarah has this un usually freakish thing about knowing alot about scrapbooking designers....amongest other facts like she could probably name at least 400 of the bazzill colors for you !)
So over the past months I have got quite an education about who is who in the scrapbook world. Now my daily rutine includes reading Donna , Ali and Cathy's blogs. O there are others I read also such as Sarah , Maria and Mary's . I would read Trish's but she would need to write something ....that Jan 24th post I know by heart !! Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!
Today is Cathy Z's Birthday ! I love how she wrote about 40 things ....I am going to use that in a layout ...maybe this year for my Double 4's birthday .
Ok I am just giddy tonight ....getting excited about all the great things that are coming up !
DONNA D is coming !
S A V E is coming at the end of you March! and I get to see my good friend Bridget after almost a year !
ALI Edwards has agreed to come in JAN 2007!

Heck now how am I going to be able to sleep !!!!


  1. Bridget6:55 PM

    I have been reading your blog since you started, so you can imagine my surprise today when I saw my name - ME!!!! I can't believe that you mentioned me. I too can't wait until SAVE. I am especially looking forward to dinner on Thursday and a visit to the store. I can't wait to do some shopping.
    See you in a few weeks!

  2. So where is Trish's blog?? I want to go tease her!!!